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Moose 81 Scratch Tickets - Carl Eller
The new scratch-off ticket for Moose 81
from the Minnesota State Lottery

Moose 81. It is the newest casino-style card game that NFL Hall of Famer, Carl Eller, personally thought up, patented, and made a reality. The card game itself is very unique as the game has a custom poker table, specific terminology, such as football terms, used throughout the game, and even a football game piece. All such traits of the game and more are what set Moose 81 apart from other card games.

“I was thinking of playing a new and different game. Black jack is one of my favorite games and poker games are so popular,” states Carl Eller.

Thus, with a desire for a spin on an already common and loved game, and with the addition of Eller’s NFL expertise, Moose 81 was created.

“The name of the game, Moose 81, came to be as my nickname is Moose and my jersey number was the number 81,” says Carl Eller. “I thought it would be fun to incorporate those personal touches.”

On Tuesday, July 15th, 2014, Moose 81 will launch and be known as not only a card game but an instant scratch-off game of the Minnesota State Lottery as well. As Carl Eller personally teaches the game at various events and outings, such as charity and community events, the game has remained well-known by a select few. Now, with the expansion of the game to the form of a scratch off, many more will know about and become familiarized with Moose 81.

“Moose 81 is a very enjoyable game in which people socialize during,” Carl Eller says of the card game. “The great thing about the scratch off though is that players will have more than one game. In fact, they will have about five or six chances to win prizes from a single scratch off.”

Since Moose 81’s beginning in 2010, it has and will continue to grow. Not only is the game becoming a scratch-off ticket but the game will also be accessible on electronics through an app coming out in the fall of 2014. Furthermore, there is discussion of the option of having a condensed table game for families. The next biggest step being taken in Moose 81, however, is the formation of Moose 81 teams and leagues.

“Moose 81 has great potential,” states Carl Eller. “I envision Moose 81 as a game in which all people, ranging from the general public and fans to current and retired athletes, will come and play tournaments together.”

Currently, on July 13th, 2014 – the anniversary of when Moose 81 was patented, Carl Eller will be making an appearance at the Potenza Companies MLB All-Star Around the Diamond Events at Seven Steakhouse and Sushi Ultralounge in Minneapolis, MN. There, Eller will explain and play the game, Moose 81. Further information and updates on Moose 81 can be found here or on the Moose 81 Facebook page.

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The Moose 81 name and logo, its distinctive design as well as distinctive elements of the game, are protected by U.S. Patent No: US 8,485,528 B2. All Rights Reserved. © Copyright Moose #81, LLC. Minneapolis, MN.